.Swing Away.

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of post lately.  To be honest not to much has happened to me in the past 2 weeks.  I did go down to Texas last week to start shooting for a shop video which is sponsored by www.iwake.com.   The website is run by shop owner Jeromy Levell and he own three shops down in Texas called Woly Wake.  He is going to be taking us on some pretty cool adventures this year and I am really stoked to be apart of it.  I am teaming up with Canadian filmer Adam Burwell and it seems that he and I are on pretty much the same page when it comes to how we view this video, so that is pretty exciting.  Other than that I finished up Hyperlites “Learn to Ride” which will be included with any of there packaged board deals which you could find in places like Sports Athority.  The boards will be very well priced and if you dont know how to ride yet, you will when you pick up the board and bindings.  Instruction is given by Sean Murray and Josh Palma with additional riding from JD Webb.  Once again I would like to appologize for the lack of post once again and like to show you this tasty video.  I hope you remember the kid who freaked out when his mom deleted his World of Warcraft account, well it turns out he is a disrespectful grandchild too.  Not to worry his grandma doesnt take his shit.


~ by witproductions on September 24, 2009.

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