For the past few days I have been down in Bend for a little vacation slash film trip with Robby Carter and Alex Scagliotti.  For the past couple of days Robby had been building a jump in the back country of Mt Bachelor so we could film on it.  Once I got here for our first day of filming it had started to warm up a bit and the snow wasnt as powdery as it should have been for this particular jump.  Not to mention there were volcanic steem vents all around this jump that had to be avoided or else they would have fallen into the middle of the earth.  Rob and Alex hit it a few times getting there feet under them on a few of the hits.  On one of Robs last hits he went off the jump weird and went from about 20 feet high onto some lava rock cutting his chin open.  The doctors said he got lucky.  Video will ensue shortly

those little black speks are lava rock


~ by witproductions on January 31, 2010.

One Response to “Grarcoreshredface”

  1. Ouch!! Did you get any good footy?

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