Lake Placid Michigan

Road Trip Across the Country

Northwest Video

Shred Day at JD’s

Quick set with Derek and Jeff

Quick set with Kyle Alberts

New Toy

DEFY Shred Day

Bob and Kyle Edit

Thomas Olson in Gig Harbor

Dereks Janky Rail Hit


Red Rock Lens Addaptor

Wake Jam 2009

Room Mates JD and Kyle

Set with Bob Sichel and Keith Lyman

Set With Rathy

The Skating Pirate

Koppert Lake

Texas Trip

CIE Spring Ride

Pita Pit Road Trip Part 2

Pita Pit Road Trip Part 1

Jeffs Not So Quik Set

Bend Snowboarding Trip

Texas Road Trip: Panama City

Tennessee Trip Video

Kyle Alberts quick set 2

Kyle Alberts quick set.

New Hampshire Video

Shasta Video


6 Responses to “Videos”

  1. Great video ! Will be heading up to the Lake next week with the kids and this video will be truly inspiring. You should market this to Bridge Bay. Its a great promo for houseboating on Lake Shasta.

  2. We’re on our way aug 9th, can’t wait! What arm is that little water fall I saw in your video?
    thanks for sharing!!!

  3. I’m showing your video to the folks up at Beach Bottom on Hood Canal. This is great!

  4. your my hero.

  5. Hey guys,

    just watched one of your videos on alliance wake. The played a game of W.A.K.E. the video was sick! Is that clip apart of your “Hi Light” video? What music was played in the Background? Keep it up!


    • Hey Rick
      sorry for the very late reply but Im glad that you liked the video. The clip is not from Hi Light but the video does feature both riders. The music is by Royksopp – Happy Up There. Be sure to tell all your friends about my blog and keep checking back for more updates, funny videos, and videos of all my bro’s shredding.

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